Professional Medical Conference A/V Services

Is Coronavirus or Force Majeure causing you to switch to a virtual or hybrid event? … Livestreaming can create a dynamic two-way interactive alternative to get your conference or meeting back on track.

Are you Zoomed-Out? Need to bump up your quality to engage your audience? We can professionally produce a fully interactive event on a Zoom backbone (and at Zoom prices!)

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We professionally live produce your event – all of the audio and video for an extraordinary experience for your attendees, presenters, and those viewing your conference on a livestream or later on the web.

Our expertise is Rare Disease family conferences, researcher conferences, and custom educational interviews. These skills and our equipment easily cross over into the broader nonprofit, family conference, medical, and other small to medium professional meeting spaces.

We’ve live-streamed and produced meetings spanning 5 ballrooms with 550 people and over a half dozen break-out rooms.

Patient Confidentiality and Unpublished Data

We know how and when to respect patient confidentiality as well as presenter confidential information.

Over 20 years of rare disease family experience and 15+ years working with researchers we know how to balance their needs with your conference awareness, education, and sharing needs.

We will help “teach” your presenters that it’s OK to livestream and record their session. We know how to redact in real-time the slides in their slide deck with HIPPA, proprietary, and/or unpublished information.


Dreambuilders Resources has over nearly 20 years of conference Audio & Video production experience,  We become your technical production partner managing all of the session audio/video equipment and logistics while producing TV studio-quality audio and finished videos so you have a seamless professional experience in the room, on the livestream, and with your post-event recordings.  This frees you to focus on the families, researchers, and the rest of the conference experience for your attendees.

See references and sample videos below.


We provide all of our own A/V equipment and a live-production team (usually two of us, but we’ll bring more if necessary) – saving you thousands of dollars if you were to contract for A/V equipment and production services from the hotel’s sub-contractor. With Dreambuilders Resources you have full-time staff working for you.  If things change, we’re on it so it’s seamless for your guests.


We support in-room and remote presenters, remote video interviews, and live broadcasting to families and/or researchers around the globe!

And we can be infinitely flexible to meet your needs … we’ve supported massive ballrooms for meetings, simultaneous sessions, multi-room breakouts, indoor and outdoor dining, receptions, etc. Short of A/C wall power and Internet access, we are completely stand-alone. And remember, your hotel A/V staff doesn’t produce videos or help you logistically – they just supply hardware and charge you extraordinary hotel prices and service charge markups.

We’re There to Help

We offload work from you by coordinating your presenter’s Powerpoint & Keynote files and all of the mechanics of transitions from presenter to presenter for a seamless audience experience by pre-staging the presentation files and making sure the next presenter is ready to go as the previous presenter finishes.

And even better … we know about medical & family conference dynamics and content so we can anticipate and accommodate all of your needs – and the expectations of the families and researchers – while fully optimizing the production and saving you money.

Comparison of Services

Equipment Rental
Full Video Recording & A/V Services
Record & provide session videos to you✓✓
Audio equipment✓✓
Video Equipment✓✓
Video editing✓✓
Video hosting & embedding✓✓
Presentation & presenter management✓✓
Cloud-based realtime Presentation Upload✓✓
Audio optimization for each presenter✓✓
Staff on-site & in-room for all sessions✓✓
Rare Disease experience (conferences, families, presenters, researchers & industry)✓✓

Equipment & Services

  • In-Room Live Audio & Video
    • We only use high-quality professional gear – it just works better!
    • Live in-room audio … professional Shure mics, Bose mixers, and Bose speakers.
      • wireless handheld or lapel microphones in the main meeting room
      • separate mics and speakers in smaller meeting rooms, break out rooms, and your dining salon
    • Live in-room video projection … PowerPoint, Keynote, and embedded videos
      • We provide laptops, projectors, and screens
    • Presentation management … coordinate all logistics with your presenters for file upload, video releases, redaction, microphones, pointers, etc.
    • We can facilitate remote presentations and dynamic interviews with remote parties.
  • TV Studio Quality Video Production for Livestream and Video recording
    • We typically use a three or four-camera set up to capture the presenters and audience Q&A with a dynamic
      engaging video. Three of our cameras are remote control professional-quality PTZ-Optics 30X NDI cameras.
    • We supply lapel and handheld microphones to optimize audio quality.
    • Our on-site live production is like the evening news
      • Picture in Picture images including “talking head” with large wide format PowerPoint/Keynote slides
      • Professional fades between cameras and images
      • Ability to connect to remote presenters (with remote PowerPoint control)
      • Full support for embedded videos
      • Speaker and session titles
      • Slide pointer captured at high resolution for livestream and recorded videos
  • Photo by Matthew Kwong on UnsplashLivestream
    • Livestream enables you to include families and researchers who cannot attend in person due to scheduling conflicts, cost, distance, or the condition of their loved one.
    • Livestream viewing is usually through an embedded window on your web site so you control the viewing experience.  We can also do an open stream to YouTube or FaceBook for some or all of your event.
    • Secure remote viewing with advance registration so you know and can control who is watching the livestream. (coming soon)
  • Post-Event videos
    • We quickly add roll-in and closing titles, trim and fine-tune videos, and then upload to your video hosting account (often YouTube or Vimeo) … or we can host the videos for you on your custom URL.
  • Video Hosting, Tagging and Indexing
    • Included in your bid, we will upload and host on Vimeo where you then embed the video into your web site for a fully branded user experience that avoids the clutter of YouTube.  Of course, we can upload video to your YouTube channel as well.
    • Ask us about our database support for indexing and efficiently presenting your video library to web users. Check out how MLD Foundation does this.
  • Notes
    • We are completely stand-alone and normally do not need any expensive hotel A/V rental staff or equipment or their 20% plus service charge markups!  However, depending on the hotel meeting room configuration and the size of your group we might …
      • Use the hotel’s built-in screens for projection.
      • For larger groups (>150) we may use the hotel’s built-in ceiling speakers to optimize the in-room audio quality.
    • Livestream viewing quality is a function of the hotel Internet upload bandwidth.  We generate 720p HD video … it takes at least 2Mbps (4Mbps ideally) of consistent upload bandwidth to livestream high definition video.
    • We can split equipment and operators across rooms to support parallel sessions.  Ask us about the details.
    • We ask that the conference organizers provide microphone “runners” for the Q&A sessions so the cameras and attendees can hear all of the audio.
    • Our bids include everything described above including the quick post-event editing work to complete your video editing and uploads.
    • Changing rooms and setups throughout your event requires careful planning, coordination, and extra effort … and may incur some additional charges.
    • We prefer widescreen HD presentations but can handle 4:3 just fine, too.