Conferences (or Not!) in the Age of Coronavirus

Are you considering canceling your current in-person Conference … or going virtual or hybrid?

You are not alone. Out of an abundance of caution, many organizations are canceling or restructuring their annual conferences and events. Many organizations are restricting travel, not just to China and Italy, but in many cases organizations are restricting all domestic and international travel. And now we have a partial ban on European travel.

Canceling your event might be medically prudent, but as I am sure you know, now you have missed the opportunity to connect with and educate your audience. You still need to get your message out to your audience.

How can you seize, redirect and exploit the momentum you have already gathered among your attendees, presenters, and exhibitors/sponsors?

One alternative is to consider how video live streaming can help fill that gap.

Let Us Help You Livestream and Video Your Event!

Dreambuilders Resources has 15+ years of rare disease family and scientific meeting video and streaming experience. We have served in-person live audiences from 500+ to as small as 20, and with livestream hundreds or thousands more can feel like they are in the room, too.

If you are locked into your meeting space but still holding your meeting, we may be able to add a price competitive video livestreaming option so you can reach your missing audience.

We’re not talking about using iPhones and Facebook Live, we use professional-grade equipment to engage your audiences in live events and to create long-standing video resources. Remote control cameras and portable studio gear that we have literally taken around the world.

Live stream engagement is about quality … from lighting to cameras to audio to 2-way dynamic interactive audience engagement … we can do it all. 

Check out our home page to see samples of our work.


We’ll Come to You and Your Presenters … or if They are All Remote Let Us Virtually Bring Them Together!

Our equipment is portable, we can set-up in any environment and produce a quality stream. Or if your presenters are locked down in their home towns, we can virtually bring them together on one screen so you can still engage your audience.


Our hearts go out to all who are suffering during this pandemic ... we hope our services will help the rest of us as we try to keep things going with modified, yet productive, efforts to keep things going.

Commercial Grade Equipment and Production at Friends of the Family Pricing

While we will likely use a Zoom or Vimeo commercial (not consumer grade) streaming backbone … we power the feed with a TV studio evening-news professional-quality feed.

With remote control cameras and a unique proven set of production hardware and software, we can undercut hotel prices (with no usury service charges or fees), and we always have live resources in the room to make sure everything goes smoothly with regard to audio, switching presenters, loading presentations, and of course video production quality.

Photo by Matthew Kwong on Unsplash

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